DRIFT Your way around 40+ Race Courses,
BOOM Fire missiles, shotguns, and more,
BOOM Blow up your friends in Split-Screen


Planned Release
Game Modes
Race Courses
4 Players
Local Splitscreen
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Game Modes at Launch

Challenge Mode

Compete in increasingly challenging courses.

Use winnings from each race to upgrade your car.

Battle for a top position to qualify for the next set of races!

Story Mode

Follow the rookie Agent on her mission to catch the evil Scum Lord.

Explore a racing-obsessed town in Appalachia.

Saturday Morning Quality.

Free Race

Choose your Cars,

Configure AI Racers,

Select a Race Course.

GO!  Any way you want.


Wholesome as a 90's Saturday Morning Cartoon,
Set in Beautiful Small-Town America.

Fast Action

Plug in a controller and get moving!
Plenty of game modes available right away.

Easy to Play

Simple Controls allow the whole Family
to drift their Retro Cars.

Challenging Depth

Those Hard AI are No Joke!
Configure your upgrades carefully and race with a cool head.

Meet the Developer

Timm Johnson (as Team KD Games) is making DRIFT BOOM BOOM with help from several talented musicians & artists.  After 4 years working in simulation technology for a government contractor, this is his first independent game.

Timm grew up on the edge of Appalachia and currently resides in North Carolina.  He enjoys driving, is an active member of the local game dev community, and never misses church on Sunday.

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